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I came to Glee late and feel like a perpetual newbie. This journal is a place for my Glee fanfiction (primarily Kurt/Blaine), meta (I like symbolism!) and related fan stuff. I love to hear from readers, so please come say hello.

I'm prone to bouts of lurking and slow responses to comments and messages, but I'm easy going aside from all that. I pretty much love Glee unconditionally and I love loving Glee. This journal will be free of ranting and wanking, though I may offer some critical thoughts in meta.

An FYI, I will occasionally ask folks for writing prompts (here or elsewhere), but I do not take unsolicited prompts.

You can find me on livejournal, Scarves & Coffee, AO3, and tumblr under the same user name.

My Transformative Works Policy

If anyone should wish to make art, podfic, remix--or whatever--of any of my Glee fanfiction, go for it. My only caveats are that you (1) please link back to my work, and that you (2) please treat my work with kindness and respect. I'd also love it if you let me know (Send an Ask on tumblr, a message on dreamwidth or livejournal, or an email to misqueued[AT], because it would give me major warm fuzzies to have inspired you. <3

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