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You know how I said it would take me a long time to process this episode? Yeah, still going.

Here are some thoughts of self-acceptance and the possibility of forgiveness with a dash of "Teenage Dream" and fairies.

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I started writing a brief crash course on Jungian individuation and archetypes, because I thought this bit of meta may need some greater context to not sound half-baked. But I've set it aside because I'm not sure how good a teacher I am, and I don't wish to be too presumptuous, so I will preface this meta with saying that if anyone wants me to explain this stuff a little better, I can give it a shot.

In the meantime, moar Jungian meta for Glee, with one further disclaimer: I do this for fun. This is stuff that comes more from self-study than rigorous academic study, so I invite people who are more skilled and educated in these things to correct, refine, or expand upon my thoughts.

Oh, and FWIW, I'm ignoring gendered stuff between Aminus vs. Anima and who gets which because Jung was stupid about gender. Glee does too many subtle and complex things with gender for that binary distinction to make sense to me anyway.

Blaine needs a new Animus, and he may be getting one. (4x07 spoilers) )

And that's my overthinking for this morning. Getting this stuff out helps me process the emotional fallout from the episode.
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I put this on my tumblr too ([tumblr.com profile] mentaltortoise)

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Oh! And before I forget; the painting on the building outside Kurt & Rachel’s window changed between 4x03 and 4x04. I don’t have screen caps, but in 4x03 it reads S-E-? (X or W?) and in 4x04 it’s something purple. Might be a detail to look out for, if it changes often? I need to rewatch the episode, but can’t quite manage it yet.
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Very quick meta because I was thinking about the ram statue in Kurt & Rachel's apartment. It adds to the changing symbols surrounding Kurt in NYC. He's not getting the wings and flying things so much; he's getting symbols of power and virility and aggression (shark [teeth], the wolf, and now the ram).

The ram is definitely a rebirth symbol associated with Spring and the Sun. The sun, of course, in Jungian terms is the actualization of Self. Which means, I think, Kurt is in transition from being an Animus archetype into his full self. Which makes sense given how much he is flourishing in NYC (the meltdown with Blaine aside).

So yay, Kurt!

We see the ram behind Finn though, so maybe we're meant to be associating its implicit virility with Finn's continuing quest To Be A Man. Or, it could be both.
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So I know I've mentioned before that the hippo can symbolize emotional journeys. I woke up with some new insight (or crazy, if you're not inclined to ruminate over these things) regarding the patterns of its use and significance in Kurt's story.

I have not had my coffee yet, so bear with me!

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More of my half-baked Kurt's wardrobe symbolism meta. cut for spoilers )

Man, I need to organize my tags better.
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An attempt at meta, sorta. I posted this over on dreamwidth and thought I'd toss it up here too.

So I have kind of a head canon thing for Kurt as the Egyptian Thoth* (magician, boundary crosser extraordinaire, presider over ceremony & ritual [e.g., weddings, funerals, coronations, judgement of the soul] healer, arbiter of death & resurrection), who is associated strongly with the Greek Hermes, and I just spotted Kurt in these shoes on the Fashion of Glee blog. More Kurt + wings/birds/flying, which is even extra neat in my brain given the Kurt's travel by airplane spoilers du jour.

*Thoth/Hermes is like the primo Jungian animus archetype. Oh, is it worth mentioning, Thoth is a bird (Ibis headed)? ETA: Also Odin, whose symbol is a raven. Kurt wears a raven brooch in "Goodbye".

Also, while I'm thinking about Kurt & wings, here are a few bits relevant to ITWOS: Cupid and Psyche.

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eta: I'm a little behind schedule with writing this week, but have good traction today, so I hope I have the next part of ITWOS ready soon, but it may not be posted over the weekend. <3


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