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And here it is. One more fic incoming tonight.

ETA: Sorry for the length of that. Have cut!

fics below )
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It's been a while since I've posted my Glee fics here. I'm sorry for that. I haven't been using Dreamwidth for a while since it tends to be very quiet here, and I end up feeling like I'm being too obnoxiously noisy in comparison to the quiet (like I'm disrupting the concentration of a library, I'm not sure), and then I get anxious and end up spending my fandom time on Tumblr instead. (Which also makes me anxious, but for different reasons. It doesn't make very much sense to me except I am very anxious these days. And, god, I miss these active journaling platforms for fandom so much still!)

Anyway! If there's anyone following me who prefers to or only reads fic here, I'm going to catch up! But, rather than spamming your reading lists with a giant pile of fic posts, I'll backdate them and then make a round up post at the end, so if anything catches your eye, you can find it. And then I'll post my newest story. I think that's a plan that'll work.
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It was an overdue bit of housekeeping, but I changed my sticky post to a more general Glee Fanfiction Masterpost. For anyone who prefers to read on Dreamwidth, the stories will be easier to find here now.
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I got a phishy email (gmail flagged it as suspicious) at an address I don’t use publicly with a long prompt asking me to write a big fantasy AU Glee fic. I didn’t recognize the user name as anyone I might know from around fandom, so I deleted it.

It started with “I hear you take prompts…”

So, just in case this was from someone legit and not some random internet hacker trying to fool me into replying to their suspicious email address so they could try to sell me Viagra, iPads, and skeevy porn—

I don’t fill unsolicited prompts. I’ll let you know on tumblr or here and/or livejournal if I am taking prompts; when I’ve got enough, I’ll let you guys know with a follow up post. My brain just isn’t nimble enough to take other folks’ complex AU prompts out of the blue. I’m a slow writer and it takes me a while to develop ideas.

Thanks and sorry!
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I think I forgot to mention here that I caved and got a livejournal account. I'm not doing much other than posting the fanfic there. I don't trust lj with much. But anyway: [livejournal.com profile] misqueue.

The first half of July I was without internet for the most part, and then I had a not!fanfiction writing job to do. It should be wrapping up today, so I can get stuck into the final (yikes) part of my big fic. I'll get on to catching up with comments and similarly social activities soon.

I've got The Land of Stories on my Kindle, but I haven't started reading it yet because once I start reading it, I won't have it to look forward to any longer. :P Almost went to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises but then decided I wasn't nearly cool enough. Hope to see it soon. And Coriolanus while it's still playing, although I'm worried it'll be too graphically violent for my poor squeamish self. Still deciding. Anyone seen it?
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Just a heads up, Sweet Anons. There be trolls.
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I thought I'd made sure to allow them when I made this journal, but apparently not so. On the off chance anyone has traveled over from the GKM , is reading fic here, and wanted to post a comment, now you can. Anonymous comments are go, and I've disabled IP logging. This may change if I get any flaming trolls, but for now, I trust you, anonymous Glee kinksters!

ETA: IP logging is on.


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