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Travel is complete. Jet lag is zombie-fying. Might take me a few days to get myself back into a routine including online communications & stuff. Voting tomorrow though!! Yay! I missed the last General Election because my overseas ballot didn't get mailed, so I am very happy and excited to be voting tomorrow. \o/ Also, Glee on Thursday!
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I'm behind with comments and stuff again. I haven't forgotten you guys! 4x04 really derailed my brain. I'm currently doing edits on ITWOS trying to get my head back into the story so I can finish the epilogue, with which I'm horribly stuck. I have been writing, but a 12,000 word draft of a 4x04 reaction fic isn't what I've meant to be doing. Also tumblr is distracting.

I'm leaving to go back to the US for a few months in less than two weeks. I have to get this done before I travel.

Oh, Brain, you drive me insane.

Back to it.


Oct. 5th, 2012 03:05 pm
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Bah! I am usually good at patience, but waiting for the 4x04 torrent right now is exceedingly uncomfortable. But, I managed to stay away from all sources of potential actual spoilers while the episode was airing. Spent my time cleaning things, but now that's done, it's back to waiting while everyone else knows what's happened and I don't.
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(ETAx4: now with more speculative blather!)

And a Lucretius quote, because I like it and think it possibly relevant:
"For if anything is so transformed as to overstep its own limits, this means the immediate death of what it was before."

spoilers for 4x04 )
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I've fallen a bit behind with both writing and comment replies this week (distracted by the DNC), so I'll be getting to things a bit later than I'd like while I focus on getting my latest (but apparently not last) chapter of ITWOS done.

I have a draft, but it sucks, and it looks like I'm not going to have any trouble getting to 8 parts to satisfy my Fibonacci pattern. :) I swear, finishing this fic is like approaching an asymptote. Or, it's like there's this weird decompression algorithm my brain runs every time I go from outline to prose. To think I thought it was only going to be ~20K at most when I started! Oh my god.

Oh! And! Very brief Kurt wardrobe meta )
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I've been fudging a bit of the geography in my story, some on purpose, some because my brain is direction dumb.

In the absence of more specific information from the show, it's hard to imagine Kurt commuting two hours to Westerville during S2, so I've assumed that WMHS and most of the kids are well to the east of downtown Lima, and, for the purposes of Blaine not having to drive 2 hours to get to WMHS, that Blaine's family lives to the west of Westerville.

Read more... )
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Maybe I've simply been on the internet far too long (I remember when images were the newest, bleeding edge browser feature!), but when tagging came about on livejournal, I thought it was awesome. Then Twitter did the hashtags, and that was neat-o (especially when google picked it up with G+, too), and tumblr has its system (which I don't fully understand), and AO3 implemented tagging awesomely too--it's great to help you find the fics you're looking for. I love that you can nest tags on Dreamwidth (presumably lj has this too), and it's a really great way to organize and make accessible content for readers and users--and yourself.

Except now it seems like people have lost the plot and forgot what tags are actually for. They're for organizing and flagging data, so when people put commentary in their tags, or use their tags for a summary, or pretty much tag things with any single use tag they will never use again (and neither will anyone else), it's bad practice and unhelpful and it makes me a little bit cranky. A good tag has semantic content: it's descriptive and helpful and points the reader to the content it describes, and it has the potential to be used more than once.

I say all this knowing full well I'm terrible about tagging consistently, and I can get all kinds of dysfunctionally obsessive about it, but I do try.

ETA this is mostly in response to seeing tumblr style tagging on AO3.

Seriously though, I am way too prone to this:XKCD: Duty Calls )
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So I have kind of a head canon thing for Kurt as the Egyptian Thoth* (magician, boundary crosser extraordinaire, presider over ceremony & ritual [e.g., weddings, funerals, coronations, judgement of the soul] healer, arbiter of death & resurrection), who is associated strongly with the Greek Hermes, and I just spotted Kurt in these shoes on the Fashion of Glee blog. More Kurt + wings/birds/flying, which is even extra neat in my brain given Read more... ) spoilers du jour.

*Thoth/Hermes is like the primo Jungian animus archetype. Oh, Is it worth mentioning, Thoth is a bird (Ibis headed)?

ETA to mention a few things about wings from ITWOS: Cupid and Psyche )
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I am giving myself a deadline for finishing ITWOS: I want it done before the season 4 premiere. I know once it's finished, I'll be spending some time doing a final edit to pull up its socks and fix continuity problems and maybe organize it into chapters instead of the unwieldy mess it is presently, but by September, I don't want to still be writing new prose for it. So, fingers crossed!

and other blather )
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I think I forgot to mention here that I caved and got a livejournal account. I'm not doing much other than posting the fanfic there. I don't trust lj with much. But anyway: [livejournal.com profile] misqueue.

The first half of July I was without internet for the most part, and then I had a not!fanfiction writing job to do. It should be wrapping up today, so I can get stuck into the final (yikes) part of my big fic. I'll get on to catching up with comments and similarly social activities soon.

I've got The Land of Stories on my Kindle, but I haven't started reading it yet because once I start reading it, I won't have it to look forward to any longer. :P Almost went to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises but then decided I wasn't nearly cool enough. Hope to see it soon. And Coriolanus while it's still playing, although I'm worried it'll be too graphically violent for my poor squeamish self. Still deciding. Anyone seen it?
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What is this web design trend of low contrast pastel text on pastel backgrounds in tiny tiny fonts? Has no one heard of accessibility in good web design? I mean, it's an improvement on neon purple cursive fonts on dark, repeating, non-tiling background images with animated torches bracketing every header tag, but still. It's 2012, folks should know better.

Argh, my eyes. To writers who do this where they post stories? You're reducing your potential readership.
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Man, I hate cutting scenes from stories. I do it pretty ruthlessly, but I still hate it. I have far too many little scenes between Kurt & Carole and Kurt & Mrs. Anderson in this next part of ITWOS. It's ridiculous (for length reasons). At this rate, Kurt & Blaine will never see each other naked again.

So many feelings about Kurt and mother figures! I'll try to work out which ones are most important to keep, and then (at some later point) see if I can do a Mother's Day side fic or something and make use of (at least some of) what I end up cutting.

I think the scene where Kurt & Carole make Julia Child's coq au vin together, get tipsy 'cause of the vin, and Carole says 'coq' too much might be the best candidate for a side fic. I'll just rework the conversation to be about Kurt's relationship trouble with Blaine in DWS instead of Kurt wrestling with feelings of vengeance and dithering over pressing charges against Sebastian. Which solves the problem of my persistent inability to grok Kurt's decision to 'take the high road' in "Michael". I'll just elide any direct treatment of it. YAY. Problem solved.

I am perpetually behind with comment and message replies. I'll get to them! <3
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My brain has been an absolute disaster area the past week or so. Still troubleshooting the problems, but things feel like they are slowly going in the right direction.

Anyway, caught up with both new episodes as of this morning, and pretty much loved both uncritically. Not that there weren't things to critique, they just left me in a happy place I don't wish to disturb too much, because Glee is -- at least in part -- to me about that happy place, opening yourself up to joy.

mostly personal thoughts )
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Finally finished the first thematic chunk of Part V of ITWOS. OMG YAY, I am officially unstuck! It's ended up a bit more of a reaction to "Dance With Somebody" than I'd intended it to be, but I am happy with it. The draft doesn't feel too sloppy either, so I may be able to get its socks pulled up and posted today. Hurray!

Then tomorrow I will aim to reply to comments and messages and be a sociable creature!

Have been staying off tumblr altogether after downloading a bandwidth tracker and seeing just how greedy it is. Even sitting idle on my dashboard, it sucks 1-2 MB/second, which adds up pretty fast, and I've got to save data for downloading "Promosaurus". Will be skipping Game of Thrones 3x06 download until my cap resets in 2 weeks. Dang it.


May. 3rd, 2012 06:38 pm
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...is weird. I feel simultaneously overexposed and drowned out. Weirdness. I'm still not sure how it works. Does it work?

Trying to psyche myself up to go write an intro post and properly join [community profile] openingyourselfuptojoy because there are cool, smart, nice people there. I just have so much anxiety about Glee fandom generally. Possibly because the first Glee comm I stumbled upon & erroneously thought was some kind of hub for Glee fans was the ONTD Glee comm on lj. Oi. It just made me sad and sadder and scared.

Courage, Self!

Ow my head

Apr. 27th, 2012 10:05 am
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I've never tried writing fanfiction for a canon in progress before. This is hard. I am trying to adapt my head-canon & outline for "In the World of Silence" based on the new information of "Dance with Somebody", and I think I can stay consistent between both (I already knew Blaine wasn't as okay with imminent separation as he was telling Kurt in Part IV), if I just turn things to a slightly new mental angle, but, oi, this is tricksy stuff.

Part V may be delayed while I wrangle my brain. Also I have another anon fill on GKM I started, but I am worried I've bitten off way more than I am capable of and it's going to end up terrible and offensive. So I should go work on that today maybe while the mental dust from "Dance With Somebody" settles. :P


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