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Scenes During the Break Up - Master Post

Chronological Order

  1. All the Fading Melodies
    Kurt/Blaine | T | set within 4x04 "The Break Up" | Drama | angst, melodrama | prompt #3 Consume | Kurt cannot stay in bed with Blaine. | ~600 words

  2. Youth Beloved in Vain
    Kurt/Blaine, background Kurt & Rachel friendship | T | Set over episode 4x05 "The Role You Were Born to Play" | Drama | melancholy introspection, angst, depressed mood | prompt #5 Echo | While living off Ambien and The Notebook, Kurt feels like a stranger in his own skin.| ~1,300 words

  3. The Search for Dry Wood
    Kurt/Blaine | T | Set during 4x06 "Glease" | Angst/Drama | melancholy, introspection, the actual break up | prompt #9 Ice | Kurt hopes to find some insight when he goes back to McKinley for the Grease production. | ~1,400 words

  4. My Dream Was Broken
    Blaine & Tina, Kurt/Blaine, past Tina/Mike | G | Set within 4x07 "Dynamic Duets" | Drama | friendship, a little angst | prompt #4 Dirt | A new friendship forms with a conversation about the lies we tell each other to protect ourselves. | ~1,400 words

  5. Your Voice Inside Me
    Kurt/Blaine | G | a missing moment from 4x09 "Swan Song" | Drama | melancholy WAFF | prompt #2 Belong | After he gets home from Sectionals, Blaine calls Kurt. | ~1,500 words

  6. Those Stumbling Words
    Kurt/Blaine, mention of Kurt & Adam | T | Set between 4x11 "Sadie Hawkins" and 4x12 "Naked" | Drama | angst, mood swings, sadness | prompt #6 Falter | In a phone call after the Sadie Hawkin’s dance, Kurt has something to tell Blaine. | ~1,250 words

  7. And I Breathe
    Kurt/Blaine, mention of Kurt/Adam, appearances by Sebastian and Trent | T | Set during 4x12 "Naked" | Drama | angst, introspection, hope | prompt #8 Human | Lonely, Blaine goes to Scandals looking for a human connection, but what he finds isn’t what he expects. | ~3,200 words

  8. Shining Down For Me
    Kurt/Blaine, Hudmel family, a dash of Hummelberry, Finchel, Kadam | T | Set within 4x14 "I Do" | Drama | melancholy WAFF, family & friendship, Burt’s cancer (but he’s doing well here), kissing, possibly slightly bungled timeline | prompt #7 falter | Kurt comes home for Will & Emma's wedding. | ~2,200 words

  9. Like All Dreamers
    Kurt/Blaine | MA/NC-17 | Drama/Erotica | melancholy, sweetness, sex | Set during 4x14 "I Do" | prompt #12 Loft | Blaine realizes Kurt still trusts him, at least this much. It's a start. | ~3,500 words

  10. The Same Old Scene
    Kurt/Blaine, mentioned Blaine/Eli | MA/NC-17 | Drama/Erotica | mild angst, sex | Set between 4x14 "I Do" and 4x15 "Girls (and Boys) on Film" | prompt #14 neon | After the hook up at Will and Emma's non-wedding, Kurt doesn't know what he wants, Blaine does his best to be it anyway, and nothing really changes. That doesn't mean this doesn't matter. | ~6,000 words

  11. No Need to Be Without
    Kurt/Blaine, mentioned Kurt/Adam | M/R | Drama/Angst | angst, gun politics, violent thoughts, trauma, communication, sex talk, shared sex fantasy with mild kink, guilt | Set during 4x18 "Shooting Star" | prompt #13 message | The shooting at McKinley provides a catalyst for an overdue conversation. | ~4,800 words

  12. So Many Riches
    Kurt/Blaine (mentions of Eli and Adam) | M | Drama/Romance | canon set between 4x21 "Wonder-ful" and 4x22 "All or Nothing" | melancholy WAFF, sexual situations, nudity | prompt #1 Artist | An interlude in the afterglow. It’s so easy with Blaine, except for all the ways it never will be. | ~1,500 words

  13. Can't Run from Myself
    Kurt/Blaine, Burt | T/PG-13 | non-graphic sexual situations, getting caught, mild embarrassment | Set the morning after "So Many Riches", between 4x21 “Wonder-ful” and 4x22 "All or Nothing" | prompt #11 Key | The morning after spending the night with Blaine, Kurt has a conversation with his father that helps him reframe his ambivalence toward a relationship with Blaine. | ~2,000 words

  14. Throw Me Tomorrow
    Kurt/Blaine | M/R | Drama/Romance | sex, sentimentality | set between 4x22 "All or Nothing" and 5x01 "Love Love Love" | prompt #10 Jigsaw | The pieces are coming together for Blaine, and he’s ready. | ~2,500 words

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