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Round up of Recent wRitings

And here it is. One more fic incoming tonight.

ETA: Sorry for the length of that. Have cut!

AU Prompt Fics & Ficlets

Legion - 09/2013
platonic Sam/Blaine | T | Intrigue | AU, friendship, cybercrimes, hacktivism | for mi-ktamura's AU prompt: Sam & Blaine, Revolution | Blaine and Sam work to expose corruption. | ~130 words | AO3

Just a Little Scandal - 09/2013
Kurt/Blaine | T | Romance/Humor | AU, flirtation | for luckyjak's AU prompt: Klaine, Jane Austen/Regency Era | Kurt wears provocative trousers | ~175 words | AO3

Sweetness and Sorrow - 09/2013
platonic Kurt/Rachel | G | Fantasy | AU, captivity, melancholy, unicorns | for the-multicorn's AU prompt: hummelberry friendship, fantasy | The day Kurt meets Rachel, he's in a cage. | ~650 words | AO3

Haven - 09/2013
Kurt/Blaine | T | Science-Fantasy | S2 AU, viral vampirism, disability, bullying, hate crime, happy ending | for likearumchocolatesouffle's AU prompt: Kurt/Blaine, AU where some people are vampires | There aren't many boys like Kurt in rural Ohio. | ~1,000 words | AO3

Vanguard - 09/2013
platonic Blaine/Santana | T | Science Fiction | AU, planetary exploration, friendship | for januarium's AU prompt: Blaine & Santana, Mars Colonisation | Santana Lopez was the first human being to set foot on Mars. | ~800 words | AO3

Coup de Foudre - 09/2013
Kurt/Blaine | MA | Erotica/Romance | sex, language, incidental/situational embarrassment | AU, fluff, flirtation, first meeting, romance, first time, sweetness, sex, PWPish | for Anonymous' prompt: Klaine and one of them is a foreign exchange student. | Blaine waits in the airport for the foreign exchange student from Alsace. | ~10,500 words | AO3
[ 1: Prologue | 2: Seduction | 3: Epilogue ]

A Golden Hour - 09/2013
Kurt/Blaine & Kurt/Adam | T | AU, polyamory | for likeasouffle's AU prompt: Kurt/Blaine and Kurt/Adam, AU where Kurt stays with Adam and gets back together with Blaine. | Kurt finds he has more love in his life than he believed possible. | ~540 words | AO3

Klaine Advent 2013: Scenes During the Break Up

A collection of vignettes set in season 4 across the time in which Kurt and Blaine are broken up. Not in chronological order. For the Klaine Advent 2013 challenge.

So Many Riches - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine (mentions of Eli and Adam) | M | Drama/Romance | canon set between 4x21 "Wonder-ful" and 4x22 "All or Nothing" | melancholy WAFF, sexual situations, nudity | prompt #1 Artist | An interlude in the afterglow. It’s so easy with Blaine, except for all the ways it never will be. | ~1,500 words

Your Voice Inside Me - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine | G | a missing moment from 4x09 "Swan Song" | Drama | melancholy WAFF | prompt #2 Belong | After he gets home from Sectionals, Blaine calls Kurt. | ~1,500 words

All the Fading Melodies - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine | T | set within 4x04 "The Break Up" | Drama | angst, melodrama | prompt #3 Consume | Kurt cannot stay in bed with Blaine. | ~600 words

My Dream Was Broken - 12/2013
Blaine & Tina, Kurt/Blaine, past Tina/Mike | G | Set within 4x07 "Dynamic Duets" | Drama | friendship, a little angst | prompt #4 Dirt | A new friendship forms with a conversation about the lies we tell each other to protect ourselves. | ~1,400 words

Youth Beloved in Vain - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine, background Kurt & Rachel friendship | T | Set over episode 4x05 "The Role You Were Born to Play" | Drama | melancholy introspection, angst, depressed mood | prompt #5 Echo | While living off Ambien and The Notebook, Kurt feels like a stranger in his own skin.| ~1,300 words

Those Stumbling Words - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine, mention of Kurt & Adam | T | Set between 4x11 "Sadie Hawkins" and 4x12 "Naked" | Drama | angst, mood swings, sadness | prompt #6 Falter | In a phone call after the Sadie Hawkin’s dance, Kurt has something to tell Blaine. | ~1,250 words

Shining Down For Me - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine, Hudmel family, a dash of Hummelberry, Finchel, Kadam | T | set within 4x14 "I Do" | Drama | melancholy WAFF, family & friendship, Burt’s cancer (but he’s doing well here), kissing, possibly slightly bungled timeline | prompt #7 falter | Kurt comes home for Will & Emma's wedding. | ~2,200 words

And I Breathe - 12/2013
Kurt/Blaine, mention of Kurt/Adam, appearances by Sebastian and Trent | T | Set during 4x12 "Naked" | Drama | angst, introspection, hope | prompt #8 Human | Lonely, Blaine goes to Scandals looking for a human connection, but what he finds isn’t what he expects. | ~3,200 words

The Search for Dry Wood - 01/2014
Kurt/Blaine | T | Set during 4x06 "Glease" | Angst/Drama | melancholy, introspection, the actual break up | prompt #9 Ice | Kurt hopes to find some insight when he goes back to McKinley for the Grease production. | ~1,400 words

Throw Me Tomorrow - 02/21014
Kurt/Blaine | M/R | Drama/Romance | sex, sentimentality | set between 4x22 "All or Nothing" and 5x01 "Love Love Love" | prompt #10 Jigsaw | The pieces are coming together for Blaine, and he’s ready. | ~2,500 words


• {WIP} Given the Opportunity - 01/2014
Kurt/Blaine/Sam | MA/NC-17 | Erotica/Drama, PWP-ish | sex, language, threesome, mild kink, bisexual!Sam, Timeline? What timeline? | canon inspired AU future fic | Two years after Will and Emma’s wedding that wasn’t, Kurt and Blaine return to Lima in February to celebrate another High School friend’s wedding. Sam catches up with them there and it becomes clear that Sam, after a string of heartbreaks and dashed hopes for a reunion with Mercedes, could use the help of his friends. Or Bros help bros hook up at weddings where there are too damn many ex girlfriends. | WIP | AO3
[ Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | ... ]

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